The Time Of Asia’s Ascent Has Come

Economic power is shifting from West to East, with Asia Pacific being the most populated region with the fastest growing economy in the World, hosting the most complex domestic markets and proprietary internets, driven by strong cultures, making or breaking brands

We’ve screened “Digital China” for 10 years, during the so-called Golden Decade with CHINA CONNECT. But the “China Challenge” is amplified by other Asian Tigers and Rising Dragons. It’s time to embrace the Future Asia (Digital) Order to thrive not only in China, the n°2 global economic power, but beyond across the region. 
We’re excited to start while putting the light on India, with Asia Loopers India on July 8, and look forward to looping you in!

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INDIA | July 8, 2021 | GLOBAL

The Thrillest Digital Journey since China’s Great Fire Wall

The World’s second-most-populous country- including 600 Million below 30, will be the 2nd GDP growth contributor after China, until 2025.
By 2025, digital economy is expected to account for 20% of Indian GDP, the internet user base to reach 930 Million, and online shoppers, 350 Million. Ecommerce is expected to grow at 1,200% by 2026.
Welcome to Digital India!

Can social media be your sustainable sales channel? 

with Karen Ho

Ceo Initiative China
(IPG Mediabrands Group)

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