Case 1: You’re predominantly based in the West, and are looking for agile and thoughtful professionals who have the credentials to answer the needs of your strategic project(s) in Asia?

Case 2: You’re predominantly based in Asia and are looking for agile and thoughtful professionals who have the credentials to answer the needs of your strategic project(s) in France?

Advertising, Retail, Marketing, Supply Chain

Curt Ferguson, Managing Partner – Ventech China

Since 2021, together with the management, Curt leads the Consumer Markets, Fin-tech and Big Data investments of Ventech China. He’s a former 30 year veteran of The Coca-Cola Company and was a President of The Coca-Cola Greater China, Korea & Mongolia Business Unit from 2016 to 2020

High Tech, Software, AI, Internet, IoT, Fintech, Retail, Manufacturing

Joshua Xiang CTO & VP of IoT – Midea Group

Joshua Xiang has over 30 years of experience in software and Internet industry (CreditEase, Suning Commerce Group, Secoo, Microsoft Asia Pacific R&D Group, Cisco.). A recognized opinion leader and frequent speaker in technology forums in China, Silicon Valley and World Economic Forum. 

  • You have a project, become a client

    Looking for agile, high-performance professionals who can dynamically adapt to the needs of strategic projects?

    Case 1: Developing China Connect for 10 Years, we’ve built a strong network of C-suite executives and young talents in China, and beyond across Asia.

    Case 2: Based in France, we offer a wide community of Europe based advisors in France and Europe

    We provide a personalized service to best answer your project needs, through a 5-step Certified Process 

    1. You share your project – duration, expertise, budget, sufficient information to help us identify the best profiles. We study your request and guarantee its confidentiality
    2. Within 24h, we get in touch to validate your search requirements, introduce and agree on our contractual conditions
    3. Between 24 and 72H, we’ll introduce from 1 to 3 advisors of our community who present(s) the perfect match for facing your project’s challenges and specific needs
    4. There’s a match: you tell us your Advisor of choice, and we confirm his/her assignment.
    5. During the mission, we keep in touch to make sure it follows its course. Once the project is completed, you evaluate your Advisor

    We handle short/one-off tasks or mid to long term support, across a variety of industries and functions.

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  • Join our exclusive network of industry professionals who consult to business decision-makers in China, and beyond in Asia.
    • Asia Loopers recruits and vets each Advisor on their knowledge and expertise prior to accepting them in its network. Based on your qualifications, experience and influence in you field, we’ll reach out regarding relevant projects that match your skill-sets based on our clients’ needs.
    • Our objective is to best integrate you into our community and propose you the best opportunities 
      1- to consult for Western project holders willing to penetrate China, India, and other Asian countries
      2- to consult for Asian project holders willing to penetrate the French market

    Your benefits

    1. You share yours insights while simultaneously build your network and reputation
    2. You set your own hourly consulting rates, and prompt payment is made within a few days of invoice.
    3. All consultations are confidential, and your personal information is never sold to third parties

    If you are interested in consulting, fill the form below, and we will reach out to qualify

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