Why Asia Loopers ?

Asia’s Future Is Now

Asia Pacific is the most populated region and fastest growing economy in the world – in spite of a strong inequality of the growths between developing and emerging Asian countries – driven by China’s amazing “Golden Decade” and rising influence globally and in the region, making it the n°2 global economic power.

The Future (Digital) Asia Order in the making, along with a non-stop upward trajectory, is an increasing game changer for western entrepreneurs and organisations- big and small. It’s already a transformative journey which requires the best digital skill-sets and content ressources to embrace its opportunities and overcome its challenges, from China to India, and beyond in Asia. In parallel, Asian organisations’ expansion in the West needs access to European skills

From West to East, and vice-versa, be in the loop with Asia Loopers!

Laure de Carayon

Founder & Ceo
Asia Loopers

Who we are ?

10 Years screening China’s Marketing and Innovation

August 2010, I travelled to China for the first time and interviewed among the best marcom leaders. No single rendez-vous existed in Europe to tackle China’s marketing and digital landscapes – despite its 1 Billion people, and most likely, because of the Great Firewall. The concept of CHINA CONNECT was born: make that bridge, and connect China based digital marketing experts and the Chinese internet ecosystem, with their pairs across Europe

The first ever event took place 9 months later, June 2011 in Paris, and in Shanghai July 2017. Sadly, the tenth edition March 4-5, 2020 could not take place because of Covid, but we moved online with our weekly ReStart Live Series.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been a privileged witness of China’s Golden Decade, the country’s fast societal, economic and digital transformations. A fervent investigator of its uniqueness, meeting start-ups who happened to become major players, while visiting the most important internet companies and marketers.

This coming decade will be no less fascinating with Asia’s rise. We intend to nurture relationships and opportunities from the West to go East, and for the Asians looking to enter Europe

  • Tuesday October 19, 2021

    Challenges and opportunities for brands in China’s evolving digital and data landscape

    with Gordon Domlija

  • June 24, 2021

    Embracing Effective new retail in China

    with Bryce Whitwam

    Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the NYU School of Professional Studies in Shanghai
  • May 27, 2021

    Can social commerce be your sustainable sales channel? 

    with Karen Ho

    CEO Initiative China (IPG Mediabrands Group)
  • April 13, 2021

    ‘Esports leading the charge from Asia: capturing Gen Z attention’

    PLAYTIME!  with Nicholas Khoo

    Co-founder Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association
  • February 24, 2021

    ‘5 Marketing Lessons of a Post-Covid China’

    REBOOT! with Steven Chang

    Senior Advisor McKinsey China
    • Possibilities come from connections. That’s what this event inspires. And every session is all about authentic stories, people here don’t make show, but share and connect

      Ellen HOU – CEO CARAT China

    • China Connect is a one-of-a-kind platform. It fuses deep cultural insight with commercial imperatives in a way that no other organization does. And the passion of founder Laure de Carayon, is peerless in her attempt to guide business warriors towards the promise and away from the pitfalls of the Chinese business landscape

      Tom Doctoroff – Ex JWT Apac Ceo & Global Advisor Prophet 

    • Congratulations for these 2 remarkable quality days

      Laura Iltis – Global Digital Upskilling L’Oréal

    • I have spoken in many forums and attended many wonderful events. China Connect amazed me with its hot topics, diverse attendees backgrounds, and inspiring venue. East meets West, marketing meets eCommerce…I was really happy to contribute and benefit from this great event

      Joshuan XIANG EVP of R&D SUNING Commerce Group

    • It’s actually one of the most inspiring forum I have recently attended

      Donna TIAN – Marketing Director JC DECAUX China

    • A big Bravo. It is more and more intense, informative and exciting, year after year

      Jean-François Ferret – CEO Small Luxury Hotels of the World

      They’ve Participated in China Connect

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