The CES, THE global US based tech event promoting the state of innovation across 11 topics / industries
2022 Theme


– 2 years in Covid have accelerated consumers and organisations’ needs and behaviors
– Innovation changed the way we entertain, shop, travel, work, socialize, learn…
– The digitization of the economy at work for 2 decades is intensifying, heading towards more virtualized worlds
– Are you ready for a year of accelerated innovation transforming the way to connect with(in) your organisation, customers ?
– Are you ready for the “next internet” ?

6 Topics/Industries we focus on with our Asia-global angle

Entertainment, Content :

The pioneers leading the entertainment transformation: the disruptive tech trends revolutionizing content consumption and consumer behavior

Blockchain : Cryptocurrency & NFTs

The rising popularity of digital currency has traditional financial institutions taking a second look at this disruptive tech trend. The software solutions being leveraged to create a secure infrastructure that supports digital asset adoption.

Immersive entertainment :

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

    From health care to manufacturing and everything in-between, industries worldwide are leveraging virtual and augmented reality to create compelling, real-time experiences. a glimpse of the revolutionary technology that is bringing the world to your doorstep.  

  • Gaming & Esports

At the intersection of technology and leisure, you’ll find gaming. So, whether you’re a newbie, casual or hardcore gamer, here’s the next generation of hardware, software and accessories creating thrilling, experiential events. 


As the most influential startup event worldwide, CES is where future-forward products are debuted, partnerships are forged and investments are made.


Internet of Things


Artificial,  Intelligence, Drones,  Robotics,  Space, Technology

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